McCarthy – Red Sleeping Beauty

»While there’s still a war to win / My red dream is everything«


»The trouble with pop music is that it’s a medium looked upon as being un-worthwhile, it’s just something that appeals to your emotions, it’s not expected to appeal to your intelligence. But it is a medium that can do, that’s what we’re saying, and it’s a shame that the people that are intelligent within the pop industry don’t use their intelligence at all except for making interesting verses which basically carries no messages at all.«

THE GRAVE LOBBY // Singing Pines

Singing Pines by The Grave Lobby

Me and Charlie from Bears has made a song called Singing Pines under the name The Grave Lobby.

You’ll find it on Spotify and iTunes.

The idea to do something together came up a long time ago, but wasn’t realized until we signed up for a collaboration project at EardrumsPop. It’s called Between Two Waves. Our song is on The Second Wave, volume B.

At the moment we’re celebrating summer, but we’d like to do some more TGL songs. So, if you like the song, you might want to keep an eye on these places: